In the past few years, people have become more aware than ever of the need to have a solid and actionable plan for their estates. But estate planning is never as simple as just declaring who gets what after you or your spouse pass away.

Without proper planning and getting things “in writing” with the help of an attorney, your estate may be bitterly contested and it can even leave your loved ones on the hook for huge tax bills. Having an experienced estate lawyer on your side covers all your bases and ensures that you and your loved ones won’t be blindsided in the future by unexpected costs or claims to inheritances.

We Handle Both Simple and Complex Wills

Many people need only simple wills to dictate their wishes and how they want their assets and estates managed after they’re gone. These wills are common among people who only need to name a few beneficiates and who want to disperse all of their property and assets to those parties.

However, these types of wills aren’t beneficial to everyone. Many people need more complex wills or need protection for minor children. We can handle all of your needs concerning your will, regardless of how many beneficiaries you have or how many provisions you need added concerning your estate and assets.

We Know Tennessee’s Estate Laws

Many laws must be followed in Tennessee when it comes to wills and estates. For example, all wills require a personal representative, which was previously called an executor. This is an important part of filling out a will, and it’s something we can help you with, particularly if you’re unsure of who that person should be.

We can also help you understand the probate process.  Tennessee has a good probate system and cases can be handled in reasonable time frames. We are always available to help a family through the probate process.

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is important for both financial matters and medical decisions. Although no one ever plans on becoming incapacitated, it’s a reality for many families in Tennessee. And when it happens, having power of attorney for financial and medical decisions already lined up can make an extremely difficult time a little easier on your family and your loved one.

In most cases, it makes sense to set up power of attorney for both matters at the same time, as those decisions often coincide after an illness, injury, or other health events. We can help you complete and establish the required documents to grant yourself or a loved one power of attorney before the situation is at hand.

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Estate planning is complex, but it doesn’t have to be inaccessible or a huge headache for you. Because the impact of poor estate planning can affect your family for years or even generations, it’s essential to ensure that your wishes, assets, and plans are fully protected and backed up with sound knowledge of Tennessee’s laws.

At Ralls & Wooten, our Maryville estate lawyers are here to help you make the right decisions for yourself and your loved ones. Contact us today for a free estate planning consultation.