Criminal Defense

So many employers require a background check before hiring a new employee that it can be a major obstacle to employment.  Please contact us to set an appointment so that we can help you get your changes expunged.  Listed below are the main categories of people eligible for expungement:

Charges dismissed– If your criminal case was dismissed either by agreement or you were found not guilty, you can have the case expunged.  It is important to expunge these cases even if you are not convicted because the arrest and the fact that you were charged with a crime remain on your record until you take action to expunge it.

Diversion– Many people receive a diversion plea bargain on their first offense.  Essentially in this situation the Defendant pleads guilty to a crime but the guilty plea is not entered on the record.  It is held over the Defendant until they complete certain court ordered requirements such as probation, alcohol or drug treatment, payment of court costs, etc. At the completion of the requirements the case can be dismissed but still needs to be expunged.

One conviction or multiple if all part of the same event– If you have only one conviction (or multiple that are all interrelated and occurring at the same time) on your record and you have never had a diversion agreement, then you may be eligible to have the case expunged from your record.  Certain types of crimes are exempt from this statute and there  is a five year waiting period from the completion of the sentence. 

If you have any questions please reach out to us. We are here to help.