Civil Law

In Tennessee, both written and oral contracts are generally enforceable. And because contracts often contain clauses with vague or ambiguous language that are difficult to interpret, it’s important to understand any contract before you enter into a legally binding agreement and risk facing a costly lawsuit.

Let the lawyers at Ralls & Wooten help you understand your contract, interpret the fine print, and explain your options. We have years of experience handling many types of contract disputes, including:

  • construction,
  • commercial lease,
  • car purchase,
  • home repairs,
  • insurance,
  • partnership agreements,
  • rental agreements,
  • sale of a business,
  • sale of goods,
  • and more.

Oral Contracts

While oral contracts are generally enforceable in Tennessee, the biggest challenge with these agreements is that no one really ever agrees on the actual terms. There are a few type of oral contracts that aren’t enforceable under Tennessee law due to the statute of frauds including,

  • for real estate, or
  • that take longer than a year to complete
  • and numerous others that are less common.

Signed Contracts

If you’ve already signed a contract and have questions, we’ll be happy to meet with you regardless of whether or not a dispute has arisen. Often, contracts have clauses that must be followed before a valid lawsuit can be filed, and we can help you follow those clauses to help you prepare for a potential lawsuit.

Furthermore, if an opposing side lied in order to get you to sign a contract, it’s considered fraudulent inducement and can be used to invalidate a contract and relieve you of your obligations. Examples include being falsely promised items not specified in a contract or that a certain clause will not be enforced.

Let Our Experience Work for You

Before you enter into an agreement that requires you to sign a contract, let the experienced lawyers at Ralls & Wooten review the contract, explain the fine print, and answer your questions. The sooner we talk, the better we can help you.