When people purchase homes or property, they hope their neighbors will be kind, quiet, and helpful. Unfortunately, not everyone gets those kinds of neighbors. Instead of neighbors who allow them to borrow their tools, they get neighbors who claim they own a piece of their property!

Whether they’re over something as small as a sliver of lawn near a fence, or something as big as an acre or more of land, boundary disputes can make property owners feel uncomfortable in their own homes. To make matters worse, boundary disputes can also make it difficult for property owners to cut their losses and sell, as it may be unclear how much land they actually own when listing their properties on the market.

At Ralls & Wooten, we know how frustrating boundary disputes are for property owners. If you’re dealing with a property dispute, here’s how we can help.

We Can Locate, Review, and Present Official Records to Support Your Claim

No matter how loudly a neighbor protests that someone else’s property belongs to them, presenting them with cold, hard evidence is often enough to settle the matter for good.

When we assist our clients with boundary line disputes, we look for historical land records that include the true border lines of their properties and surrounding properties. We also work closely with survey crews who can perform highly accurate boundary surveys to show exactly where property lines begin and end.

We can also track down documentation showing when parcels of land were sold, gifted, or inherited in the past as they may not be accurately reflected in current boundary lines.

We Can Communicate with Your Neighbor and Their Lawyer

Boundary line disputes can turn neighbors against each other to the point where courteous communication becomes impossible. Our attorneys understand just how contentious boundary line disputes can be, and that’s why we take over all communication for our clients from the beginning of their claims until the day the matters are settled via agreement or jury verdict.

As we build your boundary line case, you won’t have to worry about talking to your neighbor in person, over the phone, via email, or through any other correspondence. And if they hire their own lawyer, you won’t have to speak to them, either. We want to give you peace and quiet, as well as peace of mind, during this emotionally charged time.

We Can Help You Prevent Adverse Possession

Adverse possession is a term that describes property owners (or squatters) becoming the rightful owners of other people’s properties after inhabiting them for a certain time period. In Tennessee, this can happen after seven years with color of title (a claim of title that appears to be legally valid but may not be due to title defects) or 20 years without color of title.

Seven years, and especially 20 years, may seem like a long time to not notice someone is inhabiting or using your property, but it’s a common occurrence on both large and small lots. For example, adverse possession may occur on small lots when someone builds a shed halfway on their neighbor’s property. This encroachment may not be noticed until the neighbor wants to build a fence and realizes the shed is partially on their property and has been for many years. On large lots, entire acres may be subject to adverse possession due to construction projects that go unnoticed.

Adverse possession often catches property owners by surprise, but our lawyers can help you determine if it’s happening and take the necessary steps to prevent it from resulting in the loss of your land.

We Can Take Your Case to Court if Necessary

Thankfully, boundary line disputes can often be solved without the need for lawsuits. However, it’s common for both sides to refuse to budge an inch on the matter, regardless of evidence. If that happens with your boundary line claim, our legal team won’t hesitate to escalate your case to trial in order to ensure your property remains in your possession.

In addition to being skilled at helping our clients win their claims through settlements and out-of-court agreements, we’re also highly skilled at winning in the courtroom. Whether we’re negotiating with your neighbor and their lawyer to reach an amicable resolution, or we’re presenting your case in front of a judge and jury, you can count on us to do what it takes to help you win.

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