In today’s red hot housing market, securing the services of a builder or contractor can seem like a win by itself. But unfortunately, the high demand for builders and contractors means that many people don’t have the time or opportunity to vet them before construction and work begins, leaving them vulnerable to contract violations, structural problems, and more.

At Ralls & Wooten, our Maryville civil construction lawyers know how stressful and nerve-wracking the homebuilding process can be. You have no choice but to trust your builder and contractors to get their work done on time, in accordance to local codes and property lines, and to a high standard. When that doesn’t happen, you may feel taken advantage of, helpless, and ripped off.

Types of Construction Disputes We Help Settle

When it comes to building a home, many things can go wrong. Homebuilding isn’t something that should be taken lightly or done in a haphazard and assembly line fashion, but that approach happens all the time in Tennessee. And when it does, the following issues can arise:

Boundary line disputes
Lot sizes are becoming smaller and smaller in many new neighborhoods. The result is that it’s possible for property amenities, such as fences, pools, and landscaping displays to be built that encroach on adjacent property lines. In some cases, homes themselves can be built on the edges of other people’s property. Our lawyers can help people on both sides of this issue get successful resolutions, especially when the mistake is caused by a negligent builder.

Construction defects
No home is built to absolute perfection, but homebuilders should be able to expect that their newly built homes be free from major construction defects. When builders use cut-rate supplies, inexperienced workers, and fast turnarounds, the results can range from subpar to dangerous homeowners. Whether it’s a defective window, a leaky roof, or a cracked foundation, we help homeowners get justice for the reduced value and even dangerous conditions of their homes.

Builder’s warranty disputes
When you build a home, you get a builder’s warranty that’s designed to protect you from serious problems with your home’s construction and overall structure. But as with all warranties, there are many provisions, exemptions, loopholes, and other legalese that can result in you having a difficult time getting problems fixed or compensated. Our lawyers know the ins-and-outs of builder’s warranties and can help you understand yours and help you get compensation when your builder refuses to honor it.

Failure to complete work
It’s every homebuilder’s worst nightmare. They’ve lined up a builder and contractors to build their dream home, and then one of them simply stops work on the home. This can happen for a variety of reasons, and it can leave home builders scrambling to get answers or to find someone else who can take over the job on short notice. We believe this behavior isn’t just unethical, but it can often be illegal—especially when contracts are involved.

These are just a few of the types of home construction issues we help people like you solve on a daily basis. Real estate and construction law can be complex and confusing, and many unscrupulous builders and contractors take advantage of that fact by knowingly delivering poor quality work and engaging in shady business practices. Having an experienced law firm on your side is your best protection against unethical builders and contractors.

We’re Here to Help with Your Home Construction Claim

Making the decision to build a home wasn’t easy. You’ve got a substantial amount of money on the line, and it can be extremely stressful to realize that the people you trusted to get the job done don’t care about you or your family. But we do.

At Ralls & Wooten, it’s our goal to take the stress of your homebuilding dilemma off your shoulders. Our years of experience in real estate and construction law means that we can aggressively and successfully pursue resolution for your family, whether it’s through compensation or forcing builders and contractors to finish the work they were paid to do.

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